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What are the plastic locker manufacturers ? Is your locker really eco-friendly?
Source: | Author:pmo2f9ce4 | Publish time: 2019-08-03 | 2441 Views | Share:
Locker is an essential storage furniture for home. Recently some people on the internet reported that they had bought plastic lockers with serious quality problems, used for a while, door plate is cracked, color faded, material becomes fragile. This is the improper selection of products, they bought poor quality lockers which are made of poor quality recycled materials.

Photon Plastic locker

This article helps us to solve three problems.
What is a plastic locker?
What are the features of the plastic locker?
What places are suitable for them?
Which is the best plastic locker manufacturer in domestic?

First of all, what is a plastic locker? 
Plastic locker is also called plastic wardrobe, ABS locker, plastic steel locker. It is made of high quality, eco-friendly and non-polluting engineering plastics through injection molding of large injection molding machine.

Photon Plastic locker

Secondly, what are the features of the plastic locker? What places are suitable for them?
This kind of locker is made up of unique material, which has features of, never rust, impact resistance, moisture proof, heat resistant, acid and alkali resistance. 
It is widely used as sauna locker, swimming pool locker, gym locker, bath center locker, bathroom locker at school, fitness club locker, supermarket locker, beach locker, library locker, golf course locker, etc.

Photon Plastic locker 

Lastly, Who is the best plastic locker manufacturer in domestic?
Currently, good and bad domestic manufacturers of lockers are mixed up. And many trading companies are under the name of manufacturers, in fact with cheap and low-quality lockers to deceive consumers.
According to the author’s experience in using locker over the years and the investigation of plastic locker manufacturers, Photon Plastic Manufacturing Xiamen Co., Ltd is a real plastic locker manufacturer. Those who have plastic locker requirements can go to the factory directly and check before deciding to purchase.