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How Is The Use Of Lockers In Colleges And Universities?
Source: | Author:pmo2f9ce4 | Publish time: 2019-09-23 | 1216 Views | Share:
The development of the library locker can be used as a reference. Although the management systems of various university libraries are not the same. However, in simple electronic lockers, there are many common problems in everyday use. How to use the locker? Electronic lockers are part of the library's service function, as lockers are usually located in front of the entrance and are therefore also called library cards. An overview of the library begins with the storage cabinet. The library's storage room is one of the attractions we know about the library. Its emergence and use reflect the improvement of the humanized service level of the library. With the rapid development of the times, today's library lockers are becoming more and more embarrassing. Should I keep or delete it? This will be the focus of people of insight. The university attaches great importance to the management and construction of lockers. The wooden structure or steel structure is prone to moisture, rust, short service life, and troublesome replacement. The plastic locker completely saves these troubles, and the color selection is also numerous. Conveniently decorated, plastic lockers can be used to enter the museum along with the main wall, forming an effective publicity window that people will never forget. Lockers have become an interesting landscape in the library.

With the development of the school, the construction of the locker of the library has gone through many stages. Lockers at each stage have problems in use and management measures have different priorities. Electronic lockers are not equipped with locks, etc. When the reader enters the library, he places his belongings in a storage box, and when he enters the library to borrow books or read, he can always observe the lockers. This model is simple and straightforward, and does not cause labor costs for more than one person. The locker basically implements a person and a cabinet to meet the needs of the reader. Readers and staff have different levels of responsibility for the safety of items in the safe cabinet, and there are fewer disputes between readers and libraries.