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Price of plastic locker. Which is the best locker in three common type of lockers ?
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As we all know, locker can help us pile up indoor sundry orderly. Among them, plastic locker occupies a certain proportion in the market, had won unanimous favorable comment by the vast number of home users and business customers. Then what is the advantages of plastic locker? What are the uses of plastic locker? What other types of locker are commonly used?

Is plastic locker working well?

1: Advantages

A: Compared with other material lockers, plastic locker is a DIY knock-down structure, which can be freely assemble according to users' demands of different places. It greatly satisfies the personalized needs of customers.
B: Plastic locker is anti-rust, waterproof , acid and alkali resistance, which is often used as bath center locker, sauna locker, student locker, school locker, gym locker and swimming pool locker, etc. It's not easy to cause mildew and corrosion problems.

C. Because of the use of high strength, high toughness of high quality engineering plastics, the strength of plastic locker exceeds ordinary steel locker and wooden locker.

D. Due to the advanced automatic injection molding process, no surface painting is required. Plastic locker is more environmentally friendly, no toxic gas volatilization of aldehydes, benzene, phenol. No harm to human body.

Bath Center Wardrobe

2. Disadvantage

A:The price of plastic locker will be a little higher than the steel locker at present. However, with the strengthening of environmental protection policy, the cost of steel locker will increase day by day, and the production cost will gradually surpass the plastic locker. B: When used for a long time, ordinary  locker will be more prone to  color fading, this will affect aesthetic. However, Photon Plastic adopt IMD technology, in the form of advanced technology for attaching IMD film , solved this  aging  problem.

Plastic Locker

Three common types of lockers on the market are as follows

1. Wooden Locker

This kind of locker is mainly made of solid wood or composite board, which has a good decorative effect and can be customized according to the decoration style of the home to meet its own aesthetic needs. However, during use, the wooden locker will have problems of cracking, insects , corrosion and volatile formaldehyde . Because of its high price  and  poor practical performance, wooden locker is gradually fading out of people's sight.
2. Steel Locker
Steel locker has  a better  deformation resistance and mold resistance and won’t easily be deformed or moldy during use. It has a long service life. However, It just has store function, have no aesthetic feeling. It’s not suitable for using in too humid environments. It’s easy to rust , surface plastic-powder shedding, bacteria breeding and other problems , which  will affect its normal use.

3.Plastic Locker

This is a new type of locker made of eco-friendly materials. It features: customization flexibility, moisture proof, environment friendly ,decorative, durable and long service life. At present, it is widely used in various fields, such as fitness clubs, stadiums, schools, badminton halls, government, factory and supermarkets. It is the most popular locker.

Plastic Locker Manufacturer

Conclusion: the above is an introduction to the plastic locker and other common types of lockers. I hope someone who is confused about lockers can get any help from this article. If you still have some questions, please visit the website of Photon Plasticwww.photonplastic.com