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Basic Functions Of The Locker Control System
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The lockers are used in public places such as supermarkets and shopping malls, and appear to facilitate the storage of goods and business management by customers. This locker control system is a typical application controlled by multiple MCS-51 single-chip microcomputers. Its basic functions are as follows: when depositing a package, the customer coin or press the 'storage' button (set by the merchant), the system automatically searches The empty box is assigned to the customer, the password is generated and printed, the voice prompts the customer to take the password paper, and the assigned box door is opened at the same time. 

When the package is taken, the customer enters the password on the password paper. After the system is verified correctly, there are two cases: if the coin-operated function is not enabled, the corresponding door is opened immediately; if the coin-operated function is enabled, the system is based on the storage time. Calculate the number of coins that the customer should make up, and display a prompt to open the corresponding box door after the customer fills the coin. The storage and storage system has the function of monitoring and alarming, including: there is no object in the box after the customer deposits the package; the customer still has the contents in the box after the package is taken; the door is abnormally opened during the non-access package process, and the system detects these abnormal conditions. All will scream alarms and display different prompts so that managers can find and process them in time.