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There are a variety of lockers, then how does factories, clubs, hotels to choose the right one?
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There are a variety of lockers, then how does factories, clubs, hotels to choose the right one?
On the market, many kinds of lockers are available, and functions are more diversity. They are good helpers for storage clothes and daily necessities, which are deeply loved by people. The locker is used in homes, dormitories, factories, clubs, hotels and other places. How do they to choose a locker?

Factory: Because there are a lot of people using the locker, which is easy to get collisions, and may have many pests. Generally, suggest choose ABS lockers. Because the ABS locker has a significant advantage in vandal resistant and inspect prevention. Furthermore, the ABS locker is cheaper and more durable than the wooden locker.

Clubs: Some relatively high-end places like clubs .The first consideration of choosing a locker are collocation, elegant appearance, and security. The wooden locker looks noble and generous, but the price is expensive and not durable. In recent years, more and more clubs will use plastic lockers, because its colorful, and adopt advanced door locks or electronic locks, which is high security.

Hotel: You can choose the colorful locker. Or you can customize the locker with different colors , according to the hotel's different styles of venues and rooms, and consider its safety and beauty. The hotel needs a large number of lockers, and the all-plastic locker is very durable, which can reduce many daily care and replacement issues in future.

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